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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I qualify for your home services under my Medicare plan? 

For receiving home care services under Medicare/Medicaid plan, Patients first must meet some of these basic requirements:


- You must have need for home care and Your condition requires skilled nurse or therapist

- Your Physician must determine you need home care and order home care services

- You must be "homebound" or unable to leave home without great effort, and your physician must certify as such

- You need home care services only temporarily on a part-time or intermitten basis


Who pays for your services provided at my home?

Cost of our services are typically covered by your health insurance provider organizations and these include both public (Medicare/Medicaid) and private insurance companies.  To qualify for home care services under medicare/medicaid program, you must meet all the eligibility criteria mentioned under previous question. 


What cities and towns do you cover?

We currently provide our services in all Massachusetts cities and towns in Metro West, and areas in North Shore and Greater Boston.

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